Ana Gomes

Resource Manager: Sky Creative Agency.

As a Producer Sophie is always solution-driven, thorough and 100% dedicated. She thrives in a busy environment and is incredibly capable at juggling a variety of projects and priorities. As a colleague Sophie is a positive, energetic presence in any team and has a great eye for nurturing talent and helping others in their personal growth.

Jennifer Jones

Vice President of Creative Service: Warner Bros Entertainment Inc

I have known Sophie since she came to work worked for me as an intern at Warner Home Entertainment in the summer of 2004.

From the moment I met Sophie, I knew that she was a rare find. She has a great work ethic, whip smart, curious, and a team player. In addition to these wonderful traits, what really puts Sophie on a completely different level is her integrity, honesty, her wicked sense of humor and her ability to succeed at anything that is given to her. Rare indeed.

Since her time at Warner Bros. I am honored to say that we have become great friends. I have followed her career throughout the years and I am so proud of what she has accomplished. While her accomplishments have been many, I believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg as to what she is capable of achieving.

Paul Garrett

Managing Director: Stoke and Dagger Agency

She was a great co-worker and a friend. We would’t be where we are today without her support.

Justin Bates

Creative Director: Head of VFX & Brand Studio at Sky

This recommendation comes without any hesitation. Sophie is at the very top of my list when it comes to talented professionals that I want on my team. She’s an exceptional producer with a fantastic personality to match and always a pleasure to work with.